Buffalo Bills: 3 reasons firing Sean McDermott would ruin this team

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The Buffalo Bills would lose current players via free agency

Again, going back to the culture that Coach McDermott has established in Buffalo is part of the reason the Bills’ current players choose to stay in Buffalo and continue to attack their goal of a Super Bowl title.  But not only do they often stick around but some have taken pay cuts in contract restructures or signed extensions for less money than they can get on the free agent market.

Matt Milano is the first one that comes to mind, as is Jordan Poyer.  Yes, Josh Allen has a lot to do with some of the players choosing to stay but know this, these players love McDermott and will follow him into any battle at any time.

Take McDermott out and I promise you players will look outside of Buffalo to continue their career when free agency comes around for them.  If the Bills were to fire him, I guarantee there will be another team that will hire him immediately and many of the current players would follow him to his new team.

Moving on from Coach McDermott is the worst thing the Buffalo Bills brass could do for this team.  Firing him means starting over and if you’re concerned about “wasting” Allen’s prime years, letting McDermott go is a great way to do just that.

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