Buffalo Bills: 3 reasons firing Sean McDermott would ruin this team

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Without McDermott, the Buffalo Bills lose a culture that helps to bring free agents

In years past, the Buffalo Bills were always viewed as a team no player wanted to go. Whether the excuse was bad weather or the team was simply not good, the franchise had to write massive checks just to get average talent to come to Buffalo. Case in point were the signings of Derrick Dockery and Langston Walker. The Buffalo Bills doled out $28 million in guaranteed money between these two.

Let’s also not forget it cost the Bills a $100 million contract to lure Mario Williams to Buffalo too.  He played great for a few years, but then that went downhill quickly too.  With Coach McDermott, this does not happen.

Sure, Brandon Beane is part of the free agent equation, but make no mistake, the culture that McDermott has fostered in Buffalo is a big reason free agents choose Buffalo over other Super Bowl contenders and in many cases take less money to do it.

I know some fans have grown tired of the McDermott-isms, “humble and hungry” and “trust the process” but it is this mentality that has helped the team land free agents such as Von Miller and Leonard Floyd.