Buffalo Bills: 3 reasons firing Sean McDermott would ruin this team

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If the Buffalo Bills fire McDermott, you lose your coaching staff

Coach McDermott was hired as the Bills head coach in 2017 and with him, he established a solid coaching staff.  One that included Brian Daboll and quarterbacks coach Ken Dorsey.  This staff implemented an offensive scheme built around Josh Allen.

The scheme, while somewhat different under Dorsey, is still similar, and continuity in the NFL is huge.  That continuity of scheme and coaching is a significant reason for Allen’s growth and development since his rookie season.

Remove McDermott and you can expect to lose the majority if not this entire staff.  A staff that has helped create a consistently top five or ten unit on both sides of the ball from one year to the next.  Again, continuity is huge in the NFL.

Hire a new head coach and he’ll hire “his coaches”.  He’ll surround himself with people he knows and trusts.  Coaches who know what he wants and are on the same page as far as the offensive and defensive scheme and the existing players would have to learn the new schemes.

Start over with a new scheme and you set your team back a season or two, while the players learn a new system and the nuances of the terminology and how the games are called.