Buffalo Bills: 3 position battles that could be decided against the Steelers

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2.) Middle linebacker - Tyrel Dodson/Terrel Bernard

This might be a little bit of a surprise seeing as Bernard has not been able to practice or play since the end of training camp. He suffered a hamstring injury that cost him the opportunity to play against the Colts, and it could be a while before he is seen on the field. With head coach Sean McDermott speaking out about how Bernard’s injury could take some time before he returns to action, this should give Dodson another opportunity this Saturday to lock up the middle linebacker position that is currently looking to get filled. 

Depending on how the rest of the week goes for the Bills, if Bernard is not able to heal up or even compete at 100%, Dodson could easily get the nod to become the next starting middle linebacker for the defense.

This competition may not be more of a “may the best player win”, but more of an unfortunate situation that may have not been able to bring out the best in both players in a real game situation.