Buffalo Bills: 3 keys to victory against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 12

When the Bills travel to Philadelphia this weekend, they'll have a chance to reassert themselves as Super Bowl contenders with a victory over the high-flying Eagles.
Philadelphia Eagles v Buffalo Bills
Philadelphia Eagles v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages
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3. Contain the Eagles Defensive Front

Like the Bills, the Eagles have spent numerous first and second-round picks on their defensive front in recent years.

And they've been hitting.

This offseason, the Eagles drafted defensive tackle Jalen Carter with the ninth overall pick and he's likely the NFL's defensive rookie of the year. Pairing him with a combination of crafty veterans and talented young pass-rushers has given the Eagles a formidable defensive front that is amongst the league's best.

Not only has the Eagles defense recorded 101 sacks since 2022, but they also rank first against the run this season, only having allowed 765 yards and three touchdowns through ten games.

While Buffalo's offensive line is much improved from a season ago, they will be facing their biggest test of the season — and it will be Brady's responsibility to call the right mix of plays that will limit the Eagles defensive front.

Against the Jets, Brady's offense wasn't drastically different from that of Dorsey, but he used pre-snap motion and under-center play calls to keep the opposing defense guessing.

In a perfect world, the Bills hit on these pointers and improve their record to 7-5. But again, that will be easier said than done against an Eagles team that's been virtually unstoppable the past two seasons.