Buffalo Bills: 3 key players to watch on offense against Dolphins in Week 4

Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills
Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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1.) Josh Allen

It all starts with the top player and that is indeed none other than Allen. His game has drastically changed the last two weeks for the betterment of the Bills. Instead of going for the big play it seems like he has learned to look for the checkdown first before having to force the big throw.

After his Week 2 performance against the Raiders, completing 80% of his throws and 274 yards, he was voted as the AFC Offensive Player of the Week. Against the Commanders last Sunday, he didn’t have a bad game but it was not anything special. 

Allen comes into this game with an 8-2 record against Miami. As he looks to improve it to 9-2, the Bills need to keep the game plan from the last two weeks and make life easier for Allen.

We all know that Miami can pull off the big offensive plays and this isn’t saying the Bills can’t, but why risk getting the big plays that can backfire on the Bills in the second half? Look for the command of the offense by Allen to keep this game in favor of the Bills.