Buffalo Bills: 3 key matchups vs. New York Jets in Week 1 of 2023 season

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Buffalo Bills v New York Jets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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1.) Sean McDermott vs. Robert Saleh

Both teams have the talent on both sides of the ball and while it will be what happens on the field that matters the most, it will also be the coaching that is implemented to set players up for success.

Sean McDermott and Robert Saleh have coached against each other four times since Saleh’s start of his tenure with the Jets, and McDermott currently has a 3-1 record against him. Although Saleh was able to not only beat McDermott once last season, Saleh was able to set his team up to compete and make a run towards sweeping the Bills in December of last season. 

Coaching makes a difference in the NFL, which includes situational football and clock management. This could be a game where whoever makes the first mistake from the coaching staff could impact the outcome of the game. With McDermott looking to run it back with his team and Saleh entering the season with a new quarterback, both head coaches will look to make a statement for the rest of the NFL.

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