Buffalo Bills: 3 free agents who will outplay their contracts in 2024

The Buffalo Bills will have a ton of new faces on the team this season and these three players will outplay their contracts for the team this year. In addition, there's an honorable mention wildcard who has the ability to do so as well.
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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Mike Edwards

Edwards was added in the second wave of free agency and brings the Bills’ former Chiefs player total count up to two. Edwards, who started in the Superbowl last season, signed a 1-year $2.8 million deal with the Bills back in March. It’s not clear as of now whether Edwards will start or not, but regardless he will be valuable to the team.

The Bills added a playmaker in the two-time Superbowl champion (Buccaneers and Chiefs). Since 2021, Edwards has been tied for the second most defensive touchdowns in the NFL. The Bills' defense has consistently been a top unit and takes the ball away, however, they don’t score much on their own. Edwards instantly injects some positive possibility to changing that in 2024.

Even if he doesn’t start, Edwards will see the field. As we saw last year, the Bills emphasized having a minimum of three safeties who are capable starters. They adopted more of a dime look than we’ve seen in previous years and it allowed them to be more versatile and mix in more coverage packages. It will also allow players like Taylor Rapp and rookie Cole Bishop to play in the box. It opens up the playbook for Sean McDermott’s defensive geniuses, and new first-time defensive coordinator, Bobby Babich.

Once again, this is another guy who brings veteran leadership and championship experience to a now younger group. The Bills used their second-round pick on Cole Bishop who unfortunately won’t have the opportunity to learn from All-Pro’s Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde. He also provides great depth if he isn’t a starter, and Bills fans know how important that is over the last few seasons on the defensive side of the ball. Edwards will easily play up to his money’s worth, and will more than likely outplay what he’s getting.