Buffalo Bills 21 pending free agents in 21 days - wide receiver Trent Sherfield

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

Trent Sherfield didn't win over many Bills fans this past season, especially after his performance in the playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs. If Sherfield comes down with both those deep throws or even one of them from Josh Allen, we could be talking about a very different ending to that game, and who knows what could have happened after that. I get though, we can play the what-if game all day.

Buffalo currently has only two of their wide receivers who are pending free agents, the other one being Gabe Davis, but Buffalo likely move on from another receiver. I don't think Deonte Harty, though under contract for 2024, will be on the roster when next season starts. If Buffalo doesn't re-sign both Sherfield and Davis, they will be looking to revamp the wide receiver room.

I think this is the direction the Bills should go. Release Harty to save roughly $4 million in cap space and let Sherfield and Davis walk. I like Davis, but just not as a number two and I don't think the Bills are going to be offering him anything near wide receiver two money. Sherfield signed a one-year, $1.77 million deal to join the Bills last offseason. I can't imagine a new deal would be much more than that, if at all.

In 2023, Sherfield recorded 11 receptions, for 86 Tards and one touchdown. Only once has Sherfield had a season with 20+ receptions and that was in 2022 with the Miami Dolphins when he had 30. After six seasons in the league, I think we know what Sherfield is and what he's going to give a team. Yes, he is a good run blocker, but the Bills need more than a run blocker, they need a consistent threat they can count in when needed. Sherfield was needed in the playoffs and failed to show up, to the tune of one reception for seven yards in two games.


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