Buffalo Bills 21 pending free agents in 21 days - guard David Edwards

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David Edwards was an unsung hero in the 2023 season. He was the "sixth" man of the Buffalo Bills offensive line. In 2023, Edwards played 148 snaps, allowing zero sacks, and committed only one penalty. Pro Football Focus gave him an 82.7 overall grade, making him the highest-graded offensive lineman on the Bills roster. Buffalo's offensive line remained incredibly healthy all season long, which is unheard of, so going forward having both him and Ryan Bates on this roster, gives the Bills excellent depth at the interior of the offensive line.

Edwards is only 26 years old and might get some attention on the free agent market. He earned $1.77 million last season and despite the limited snap count, he may have done enough to get the attention of a few teams that are looking for upgrades along their interior offensive line. If the Bills hope to retain him for the 2024 NFL season, I think they'll need to up the dollars from last year's contract. Hopefully, loyalty to the team will play a factor and Edwards is willing to come back for less money but similar to the situation with Tyrel Dodson, the money and opportunity to start somewhere might be too great for Edwards to pass up.

Throughout the season, Edwards was a vital part of the offensive line, allowing players to sit for a few snaps here and there to catch their breath without a dropoff or concern that he would be a liability. To add to his impressive season, in those 148 snaps, Edwards did not allow a single pressure. He spent most of his time on the field lined up as an inline tight end, providing the Bills with a solid front six, and 118 of his snaps were in run-blocking. I would like to see him used a bit more in a pass-blocking situation, to reduce the predictability of the offense when he's on the field. Hopefully, the Buffalo Bills can find a way to get Edwards back for the 2024 season.


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