Buffalo Bills 21 pending free agents in 21 days - edge Leonard Floyd

Should the Bills re-sign edge defender Leonard Floyd this offseason?

Buffalo Bills
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Leonard Floyd did something this season that hasn't been done since Lorenzo Alexander in 2016 when he recorded 12.5 sacks. Floyd's 10.5 sacks were the first double-digit sack total in a season since Alexander accomplished the feat. It also tied Floyd's career high. He could likely have added to that total had he not suffered a late-season injury that seemed to slow him down.

Over the final five games of the season, including the playoffs, Floyd didn't register a single sack. Some might question his age as part of that (he'll turn 32 as the 2024 season kicks off) but I think it has more to do with the injury. Unfortunately, that's part of the guesswork that goes into deciding whether to re-sign Floyd or not.

The Bills will have to decide if they want to retain Floyd for the 2024 season; however, it's not all up to them either. Floyd will have to make that final decision if he wants to return to Buffalo and take another crack at the Super Bowl with this team or potentially take more money elsewhere in the league. In 2023, the Bills paid Floyd $7 million on a one-year deal. Spotrac.com currently has Floyd's average market value set at $8.1 million per year.

Would the Bills be willing to give him a raise, or could they even afford to give him a raise? It's possible his market value increases if there is a team out there that wants his services or perhaps even less. Time will tell but I think Floyd at the very least will test the market and see what his options are. Not that I blame him, but I do hope he agrees to return to Buffalo for the 2024 season if the Bills can get a team-friendly deal done.


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