Buffalo Bills 2024 mandatory minicamp winners and losers

Before they departed until training camp, the team took part in several shorts and shirts practices.
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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Buffalo Bills minicamp - the lows

Tyler Bass

Yes, Tyler Bass is still cold. We saw it cost the Bills in the playoffs against the Kansas City Chiefs, and we saw it in practice when he missed a 45-yarder, a 50-yarder, and two 35-yard field goals, according to Alex Brasky. After just signing Bass to a four-year/$20 M extension in 2023, the Bills are hoping this is just a fluke and not something that will regularly happen because his 83% field goal percentage cost the Bills a lot more than just the playoffs. I’m not ready to sound the alarms just yet because it’s hard finding good kickers in today's NFL and Bass is capable of being a top-five kicker in the league again. However, he has to get whatever is affecting him out of his system before the season.


The injury bug had the Bills attendance low (see what I did there?). Bad dad joke. The Bills were without most of their linebacking room with the most notable players out being rookie Edefuan Olofoshio and Nicholas Morrow, Safety Mike Edwards (limited), wide receiver Khalil Shakir (hurt on Day one), and Christian Benford (excused absence). Those were the most notable, but the list is much longer. Granted it’s just June, so we still have some time for these players to heal up, but it’s never a great thing to have a good chunk of your team out with injuries.