Buffalo Bills 2023 Training Camp: 3 questions at tight end

Dawson Knox, Buffalo Bills
Dawson Knox, Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages
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On the offensive side of the ball, the one position that might have the most intrigue for the Buffalo Bills is at tight end. The Bills drafted Dalton Kincaid with their first round pick which could be an indication of a significant shift in personnel and how Ken Dorsey calls the offense in 2023.

However, as it has been shown over the past few years with the Buffalo Bills, players drafted in the first round aren't guaranteed to be starters and have to earn that spot. With that in mind, these are the three big questions for the tight end position entering training camp.

How much will the Buffalo Bills play two-tight end sets in 2023?

Last year, it appeared that the Buffalo Bills were committed to running more two-tight end sets after signing O.J. Howard to a one-year deal with a fully guaranteed contract. However, Howard struggled during training camp and preseason and the Bills would release him before the regular season.

The Bills would remain to lean on Dawson Knox, who played 80% of the snaps, with Quintin Morris, seeing about 30% of the snaps. The combination of Knox and Morris didn't really give the Bills the personnel to run two-tight end sets because Morris didn't bring much as a blocker and was pretty much exclusively just a threat in the passing game.

If the Buffalo Bills hope to run more two-tight end sets it is going to really hinge on Kincaid and how quickly he can get up to speed with the playbook.