3 teams on the Buffalo Bills’ 2023 schedule who improved the most

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Eric Espada/GettyImages
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3.) Los Angeles Chargers

Much like the Buffalo Bills, the Chargers have a franchise quarterback in Justin Herbert who has elevated the franchise and solidified himself as a top ten quarterback in the league. The Chargers are very talented, but decision-making has not been in their favor in recent memory.

With Herbert approaching a massive contract extension that he is expected to get, the Chargers know that Herbert will be looking to take this team farther than they have been. 

Part of developing a young quarterback is coaching. The Chargers made the quick move to sign Kellen Moore as the offensive coordinator after he was let go by the Dallas Cowboys. This is a major boost to the offense.

In the last two seasons with the Cowboys, Moore helped the Dallas offense become a top five unit in the league with a limited quarterback in Dak Prescott. Moore also helped the Cowboys stay as a top offensive unit after they traded away wide receiver Amari Cooper last offseason to the Cleveland Browns.

With a young and talented quarterback, arguably the best running back in the league in Austin Ekeler, and valuable weapons on the outside led by Keenan Allen, Kellen Moore should be able to get the best out of this Chargers offense. Along with the addition of Moore, the Chargers also signed linebacker Eric Kendricks to fill the middle of the defense. 

The Bills defense may have a tough task on them when they travel to Los Angeles in December.