Which Buffalo Bills’ 2023 free agent signing will provide the best impact?

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

The 2023 offseason for the Buffalo Bills was not a big splash as compared to the last couple of offseasons that they have had. Going back to the 2018 offseason, the Bills made moves that helped turn around the franchise with big names coming to Buffalo. This includes drafting Josh Allen, bringing in Cole Beasley, trading for Stefon Diggs, and making arguably the biggest free agent splash since signing Mario Williams in 2012 - which was signing future Hall of Famer Von Miller. 

This past offseason, there was no super big name that was brought to the Bills. Arguably, the Bills biggest free agent move this offseason was re-signing All-Pro safety Jordan Poyer to a two-year deal. While the Bills made late additions in Poona Ford and Leonard Floyd to help boost the defense, the team did not have much cash to sign big time players. However, signing a big free agent doesn’t always mean guaranteed success. Along with the superstar signing, the key and underrated signings are just as important to a team’s success. 

The Bills addressed the defensive line, running back room, the offensive line, and brought in more wide receiver depth. While each free agent signing the Bills made could be beneficial, the one free agent signing that the Bills will get the most production out of is defensive tackle Poona Ford

Poona Ford's impact for the Buffalo Bills will go beyond the box score

Now there are two different types of production that a player can create; putting up stats on the sheet and doing the dirty work that helps create big plays. The defensive line has been shaky for a couple seasons, especially against the run. 

While Ford isn’t an all-star type of player, he can take on double teams that allow an open hole for the linebackers for defensive backs to fly in the backfield to disrupt the play. Most fans look for the ball and where it goes during a play, but Bills fans should watch the defense when Ford is on the field to see how his disruption upfront causes havoc for an offense. 

Sometimes production is not always looking at the numbers, it’s about watching the film and seeing who takes the hits to allow others to shine on film.