Breaking down the greatest undrafted Buffalo Bills players of all-time

The Buffalo Bills have a few guys from this year's group of undrafted that could make the Bills roster in 2024, but let's look at past UDFA's and rank the best of the best.
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The Buffalo Bills brought in several undrafted rookies this year and a few of them have a decent chance of making the team. Guys like running back Frank Gore Jr, corner Keni-H Lovely, and punter Jack Browning. Many analysts believe that guard Keaton Bills has a shot at making the roster. But what about the UDFAs that came before them? Some of the greatest to have played this game went undrafted, such as Kurt Warner, linebacker James Harrison, tight end Antonio Gates, and defensive tackle John Randle.

Gil Brandt wrote an article that you can find on and he lists his top 30 all-time list. A former Buffalo Bills' undrafted rookie made his list coming in at number 22. Some of Bills Mafia's all-time favorites made this list as well. Bills fans tend to latch on to players like this, players who have that blue-collar mentality to fight and claw their way to the top. Even though Stevie Johnson wasn't an undrafted rookie, he became a big fan-favorite because of his story. Everyone loves an underdog and that is exactly what guys like Johnson and most UDFAs are,

Buffalo's Reid Ferguson was undrafted and is the longest-tenured Bill on the team. Buffalo's best punter in team history, Brian Moorman was undrafted as well. Could one of the Bills' current undrafted rookies be the next on this list? It's possible, but for now, let's get into the Bills five greatest undrafted rookies to play for the Buffalo Bills.

Five greatest UDFAs in Buffalo Bills history