Breaking down the all-time greatest Buffalo Bills strong safeties as voted by Bills Mafia

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In my last installment of this all-time series, we did a breakdown of the free safeties and now we move to their counterpart, the strong safeties. If you recall, I mentioned some of the free safeties that Bills Mafia voted could also play as strong safeties. Our group of strong safeties here, also have the ability to switch between the two safety positions as well. I think that the ability to play either position is very advantageous for defenses to help disguise coverages and confuse opposing offenses.

Throughout the Bills' history, the strong safety position doesn't have the same depth of talent as the cornerbacks or free safeties, and you won't find any strong safeties in the top ten of the Bills' all-time interception leaders. That could be largely due to the positional responsibilities and what the players are asked to do with the respective defensive schemes too.

Regardless of the lack of interceptions, it's not the end all be all when it comes to measuring a players impact in the secondary, particularly for the safeties. Often times offenses will simply avoid throwing in an area due to excellent coverage, similar to the great cornerbacks, teams tend to avoid them.

The Bills have a few guys that are very much worthy of Bills Mafia's votes, and we have our top two here, plus one additional honorable mention. These players are some of the best to have played the position and and the top guy on the list I think should and will be on the Bills Wall of Fame once his playing days are over. So, with that little hint, let's get into the all-time greatest strong safeties as voted on by Bills Mafia.