Breaking down the all-time Buffalo Bills running backs as voted by Bills Mafia

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Fred Jackson - Buffalo Bills' all-time honorable mention running back

Fred Jackson might not have made this all-time team but there is no question he is one of Bills fans' all-time favorite players.  His story to the NFL is one of legends and inspirations, going undrafted from the tiny Division III school, Coe Collee.

Jackson graduated from Coe College in 2003 but would not be invited to try out for the Bills until 2006.  It was another Coe College alum, former Buffalo Bills head coach Marv Levy who sent that invite to Jackson and the rest is history.

Jackson currently sits third on the Bills’ all-time rushing yards leaders, behind both Thomas and Simpson. Jackson was adored by Bills fans for his underdog mentality and physical style.  Who could ever forget this huge stiff arm against Chris Conti of the Chicago Bears? Here are some of Jackson's career highlights.

Jackson’s biggest year was in 2009 when he had his first and only 1,000 rushing yard season but he also had over 1,000 yards in kickoff return yards that season.  Compiled with his receiving yards, Jackson totaled 2,516 all-purpose yards, to lead the NFL.  It was also the first time in NFL history that any running back recorded over 1,000 kickoff return and rushing yards.

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