Breaking down the all-time Buffalo Bills interior offensive line as voted by Bills Mafia

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Everyone has a hill they claim they'd die on or a drum they would beat. For me, that hill and drum is for the offensive line. If a team can field an elite offensive line, the offense can be effective, with almost anyone at the skill positions.

I've often wondered how many quarterbacks throughout NFL history failed because of a mediocre offensive line. A good case in point would be that of David Carr. He was the most sacked quarterback in the league his rookie year and set records in this department too.

How about the other end of the spectrum? Would Emmitt Smith have set the NFL's career rushing record behind any other offensive line than the one he had in Dallas? We could even say the same about the Buffalo Bills during the Super Bowl years. Would Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, and Andre Reed have put up the numbers they did and revolutionized the no-huddle attack, introducing the world to the K-Gun offense?

A look at the Buffalo Bills' offensive line that helped O.J. Simpson become the first 2,000-yard rusher in history, was nicknamed the "Electric Company" because they provided electricity that powered the "The Juice". We might find a couple of guys on this list that were part of the line too.

The others included here, hale from those great 90s Bills and another from the late 90s and continued into the drought years. As we get set to begin another NFL season next month, let's hope the current iteration of the Buffalo Bills offensive line dominates.