Breaking down the all-time Buffalo Bills free safeties as voted by Bills Mafia

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The safety positions have become so much more important in today's NFL that it was back in the AFL days and the secondary as a whole. One could argue coverage has become more important than a poss rush. Not that I would argue that but I have heard those that get into the analytics of the game make this claim.

Either way, there is no debate the game has become all about the passing game and as such, both the strong and free safety positions are vital to successful defenses. Today, we are getting into the Bills all-time greats at free safety.

This position includes Bills' great Tony Greene, who is second in team history with 37 career interceptions; however, Bills Mafia did not vote him to our all-time team. Greene played in 128 games for the Bills and started 103, spanning nine seasons. He was an All-Pro in 1974 and a Pro Bowler in 1977, picking off nine passes in both those seasons.

You also won't find Mark Kelso on this list either. He was the starting free safety from 1986 to 1993, through all four Super Bowls. He's third on the Bills career interception leaders. Despite having seven interceptions in 1988 and again in 1992, Kelso was never voted to Pro Bowl or selected as an All-Pro.

The free safeties included on our list are all tied for tenth on the interceptions list with 22 but it's fair to say one of them will add to that number this coming season but let's get into the all-time free safeties as voted on by Bills Mafia.