Brandon Beane reminds everyone Keon Coleman is a rookie

The expectations for Keon Coleman are high, but should fans pump the brakes a little temper those expectations?
Buffalo Bills
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During a recent interview with Brandon Beane posted by The Coach Speak Index, Beane was asked about Keon Coleman. Beane put it simply, "he's a rookie and we all need to understand that". Beane made it clear that he's a work in progress and like all rookies, still has things to learn. This shouldn't shock anyone, but with Diggs gone and Coleman's personality, fan expectation seems to be growing. It doesn't help that we see videos posted of amazing catches being made throughout practices. Practices without pads, mind one.

What should be reasonable expectations for the Buffalo Bills' Keon Coleman?

To ask a rookie to replace Stefon Diggs's production, or instantly be the team's number one target is a lot to ask, and not reasonable. Yes, we've seen rookie receivers come into the league and be dominant in year one, and maybe that happens with Coleman, but it would be unfair to expect that. Instead, I look to Gabe Davis's rookie season, as a benchmark. During Davis's rookie year in 2020, he recorded 35 receptions, 599 yards, and seven touchdowns. Those are solid numbers for a rookie, plus he was targeted 62 times. Coleman won't be targeted as much, but he'll be more efficient when he is targeted. Between the 20s, the passing game will go primarily through Khalil Shakir and Dalton Kincaid. In the red zone and near the goalline, I see Coleman doing the majority of his damage.

I also expect Coleman to receive a few deep throws that Josh Allen likes to throw up to his guys on third and long. Last season, many of those throws, considered a sort of "punt", ended up as interceptions. With Coleman's contested ball skills, he'll come down with a few of those, but at the very least, no one will come down with them. Several of Allen's interceptions last season were of this variety, and Coleman should be able to prevent a few. My final stat line for Coleman in 2024 would be 65 targets, 43 receptions, 700 yards, and ten touchdowns. I'll take those numbers any day from a rookie.