Bills wheel and deal in first two rounds in final 7-round mock draft

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R5:160 - Cedric Gray - Linebacker, North Carolina

Some fans won't see linebacker as a need, and it's talked about very little as we head towards the draft. But look, Matt Milano is still rehabbing and we don't know if he'll be able to recover in time for the start of the season. Plus, it was a massive injury to his leg and there are no guarantees he returns to be the same Matt Milano we all know and love. Terrel Bernard is locked in, but the team lost reserve linebacker Tyrel Dodson. That leaves Dorian Williams and Baylon Spector, both of whom have shown flashes, but still have far more question marks.

R5:163 - Will Shipley - Running back, Clemson

Here is another player that isn't talked about much, but offers a ton of versatility. How many times have we heard Coach McDermott and GM Brandon Beane talk about coveting versatility, particularly on the offensive side of the ball? I know, he's not that big, bruising running back that you might think the Bills need. But he offers so much more than a three yards and a cloud of dust guy. I'd rather have a guy that can make plays in the running and passing game than someone that the entire stadium knows is on the field to slam into the backside of the offensive linemen.