Bills News: Stefon Diggs expected at training camp, Josh Allen needed more support

  • Stefon Diggs is expected at training camp by the Buffalo Bills
  • Josh Allen probably needed a better supporting cast around him this offseason
  • Damar Hamlin throws first pitch at a recent Pittsburgh Pirates game

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

As the Buffalo Bills prepare for training camp, all eyes will be on this ongoing Stefon Diggs situation. It's no secret that it's been quite the distraction this season and hopefully, once training camp is here, all this drama can be put to rest so everyone can move on and focus on the task at hand.

That'll be imperative to avoid any issues that can bleed into what training camp is supposed to accomplish. Hopefully, this will all get resolved before training camp is here so everyone can simply turn the page and get to work. Otherwise, it could cause some major issues during the most important part of the offseason and nobody wants that.

Besides that, the Bills at least on paper should continue their winning ways the football world saw last season. It won't be easy but it all starts at training camp to get a deeper look at what kind of competitive team the Bills will have this season. Hopefully, it'll be another fun year filled with lots of wins, great moments on the field, and no more drama.

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Report: Stefon Diggs Expected to Be at Bills Training Camp After Offseason Drama [Jack Murray, Bleacher Report]

Needless to say, all this drama surrounding Diggs has been quite the hot topic this offseason. Hopefully, Diggs shows up for training camp, vents about whatever he needs to with the organization to clear the air, and gets ready to prepare for the upcoming season. It's safe to say Bills Mafia just wants to move on from all this drama and get back to focusing on football.

The Buffalo Bills Are Failing Josh Allen [Curtiss Brown, TWSN]

This was a solid read that made very valid arguments as to why the Bills didn't do enough to build a better supporting cast around quarterback Josh Allen this offseason. Of course, only time will tell if that is the case but compared to last offseason, it does hold some weight going into the new year.


It's always great when a member of the Bills gets to throw out the first pitch of an MLB game. Such is the case with safety Damar Hamlin at a recent Pittsburgh Pirates game and best of all, he threw the first pitch like a pro in honor of his hometown.