Bills have to make this one last major move because training camp begins

It certainly wouldn't hurt.
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages

It's officially the slow part of the NFL calendar, which only means one thing: training camp is close. And sure, 6 weeks isn't exactly "close," but in the grand scheme of space and time, it's barely a drop in the bucket. So think of it that way!

The Bills have already been plenty active this offseason, and there doesn't seem like a whole ton of roster work left before training camp opens in late July. But that's not stopping Bleacher Report from going full Madden mode and writing a very long listicle about the business that every NFL team still needs to get done before next season. It's a very long piece of content and full of teams that you wouldn't go to a Bills blog to read about, so we'll cut to the important stuff for you.

Bills have to make this one last major move because training camp begins

BR: Find a starting safety

The Buffalo Bills let Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde go during free agency, leaving the defense with a need at safety. While the hope is that Taylor Rapp, Mike Edwards or rookie Cole Bishop step up and become formidable starters this year, it couldn't hurt to explore the remaining free agents and bring in someone like Justin Simmons before training camp.

On one hand, it's hard to say that the Bills' need to make a move at safety almost immediately after naming three (3) different safeties that'll be expected to contribute this season, including their second-round pick from this Draft. On the other, Justin Simmons is absolutely better than everyone on this list, so it's hard to blame Bleacher Report for going there.

BR also thinks they should sign another linebacker and an offensive lineman, so I guess "get a former All-Pro safety" isn't the only thing left on the Bills' agenda, but backup offensive lineman content doesn't get those precious page views. But it's that simple, Bills: simply sign more good players before the season starts. Hopefully Billy Beane is on board with that plan.