Bills getting dunked on for offseason moves is going to age poorly

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Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The Buffalo Bills had an interesting 2023 season. At one point, it didn't appear as though they'd even make the postseason after they fell to 6-6 while the Miami Dolphins were cruising toward an AFC East title. That's where things got fun, as the Bills ripped off five straight wins to close out the 2023 campaign and stripped the AFC East title away from the Dolphins.

As a reward for winning the AFC East, the Bills hosted the Steelers in the first round of the playoffs and won the game handily. The next week, they hosted the reigning Super Bowl champion Chiefs who, once again, were able to end Buffalo's season. This was the third time in four years that Kansas City ended the Bills' season and a turbulent offseason followed suit.

Not only did the Bills trade Stefon Diggs, they also had to part ways with key players such as Gabe Davis, Leonard Floyd, Micah Myde, Mitch Morse, Jordan Poyer, and Tre'Davious White. This has led many to speculate that the Bills' Super Bowl window slammed shut over the spring months.

Alex Kay of Bleacher Report wrote that the Bills allowing two Super Bowl hopefuls to get better this offseason will be something they look back on and regret in a few years. It's a bit frustrating to continue seeing the Bills get dunked on considering they have something so many teams would kill for: A franchise quarterback.

As long as the Bills have Josh Allen, they're not going anywhere.

If we've learned anything about sports, it's that people are always looking for the next great thing and pushing the greatness we already have to the side in the process. Josh Allen is a top three quarterback in the NFL and as long as he's taking snaps for the Buffalo Bills, this team will be a Super Bowl contender because he's that good.

People are going to continue spouting off about how the Bills' time at the top is over. That's okay, let them. Those same people are going to look foolish when the Bills once again win the AFC East and make another run toward a Super Bowl.

Yes, they lost key players but in the NFL, if you have a franchise quarterback, you're a Super Bowl contender. The Bills have Josh Allen so they're still very much in the thick of things. Start saving those receipts, folks. It's going to be fun looking back at them at the end of the 2024 season.