Bills fans will love what Haason Reddick is doing to the Jets

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The New York Jets continue to think that this is the year they'll snap their 13-year playoff drought and fans were excited when the team traded for Haason Reddick in the offseason. Well, Buffalo Bills fans will be happy to learn that there's already drama going on between Reddick and the Jets.

SNY's Connor Hughes wrote that while Reddick and the Jets had previously agreed there wouldn't be a contract extension, Reddick has changed his mind. According to Hughes, Reddick was the only Jets player not in attendance for the team's media day and was absent during Tuesday's minicamp.

Meanwhile, Bills fans can't help but laugh. The Jets had been having a relatively drama-free offseason (at least for them) and now that isn't the case anymore. Reddick went from being okay not getting a new contract to now holding out for a new one. He's causing drama before ever even playing a down for his new team.

Bills fans should be laughing at the Jets after Haason Reddick burns them

This offseason hasn't been sunshine and sprinkles for the Bills either but at least they have Josh Allen to lead them. The Jets traded for Aaron Rodgers a year ago and he played just four snaps for them before getting injured and missing the rest of the year. The Jets' Super Bowl hopes were dashed four snaps into the season while the Bills went on to win another division title.

Reddick causing drama is only good news for the Bills because if the Jets don't pay him, who knows how long he'll sit out for? If they do pay him, that's more money they're having to spend on a controversial player.

Keep the drama coming, Jets.