Best memes and tweets from fans reacting to Bills drafting Daequan Hardy

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / G Fiume/GettyImages

As I sit here and listen to the commentators talk about each draft pick, the way they talked about the Bills 219th pick, Daequan Hardy, you would have thought he was a third-round selection. Regardless, he brings a competitive edge and determination that Coach McDermott and the fans will love. He competes and battles, despite being somewhat undersized. He projects as a slot corner and will have the best slot corner in the league to learn from in Taron Johnson. He has a good chance of landing on the roster though as a special teamer and possible return guy.

What is Bills Mafia saying about Buffalo's latest corner addition and 219th pick of the 2024 NFL Draft?

As I said, looks to be a special teamer to start. Could develop into something more down the road.

This is accurate, the Bills have a solid track record of turning out terrific defensive backs in the later rounds.

Love the sub-4.4 speed. Can't have too many fast corners on your roster.

Another great story of adversity and determination, culture guy in house.