Is Andy Isabella creating enough buzz to crack Buffalo Bills 53-man roster?

Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills
Indianapolis Colts v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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When the Buffalo Bills signed wide receiver Andy Isabella three days into the start of training camp, no one thought much of it. However, here we are heading into the second preseason game of the summer and Isabella is creating some noise.

The Bills wide receiver room seemed to be set already, but within the past week, Isabella has challenged that. Looking at it, he could force the Bills to make room for him on the roster or force them to keep seven wide receivers. For the past few seasons, the Bills have kept six receivers, so keeping seven would be uncharacteristic for them.

The common thought of preseason football is that teams get to evaluate their depth players because of increased playing opportunities. However, while it does always offer players a chance, it is often overlooked how certain positions are at a disadvantage, and it limits their opportunity to create some buzz. That mainly happens to wide receivers and running backs, the offensive skill positions.

They have to rely on the second and third-string quarterbacks to get them the ball and give them looks, while those backup quarterbacks have to rely on backup offensive linemen. It puts them at a disadvantage, so when a guy does show out, you should take notice. That’s the case with Isabella.