Forget Misery! Alternate Buffalo Bills timeline ends the curse and brings glory

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What could have been for the Buffalo Bills from 2006-2007

2006: The Bills lose an anchor on their defense, DT Sam Adams leaves in free agency. So, in the 2006 NFL Draft the Bills replaced Sam Adams and selected DT Haloti Ngata in the first round to pair with Darnell Dockett. Drew Brees and the Bills return to form. Not only return to form but win the division at 13-3! The Bills win in the Wildcard round against the Patriots. A heartbreaking loss in the Divisional round to Baltimore ends the Bills season.

2007: The Bills let RB Rudi Johnson walk in free agency. The 2007 NFL Draft sees the Bills get aggressive and trade up to draft a young, fun-loving, Skittle-eating running back named Marshawn Lynch. The Bills had to watch the Patriots go 16-0 in the regular season which gave them the AFC East title. The Bills finished 11-5 and snuck into the playoffs as the 6 seed. After an upset win in San Diego against the Chargers the Bills get to face the undefeated Patriots in the Divisional Round. The Bills somehow found a way and ended the Patriots perfect season!

The AFC Championship game is the next order of business. In Indianapolis, against the reigning Super Bowl Champion Colts, Peyton Manning had no answers for the rabid defense of The Bills. In the Super Bowl, Eli Manning tries to lead a comeback. Under 2:30 to go. Eli evades a sack, rolls out, and fires downfield to David Tyree. Tyree tries hang on for the most miraculous catch in Super Bowl history until Troy Polamalu separates Tyree from the ball. The Giants turn the ball over on downs. Marshawn Lynch grinds out a 12-yard first down which runs the clock out to win the Superbowl!