Breaking down the all-time greatest Buffalo Bills kickers as voted by Bills Mafia

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Tyler Bass (2020 - Current)

Tyler Bass was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the 2020 NFL Draft, selected with the 188th overall pick in the sixth round.  All he’s done since entering the league is consistently smash 50-plus yard field goals and become one of the best kickers in the league.

I don’t think it’s any surprise the two kickers on this list happen to be associated with the most offensively productive teams in Bills’ history either.  When your offense is one of the best, it stands to reason the kicker is going to put up some points as well.

To that point, in just three seasons, Bass has recorded a career total of 405 points, which places him eighth in Bills’ history for scoring.  At that pace, he should pass Steve Christie in the next five years.  He’s averaging 135 points a season and if he maintains that this year, he’ll jump to number four on the Bills’ all-time list.

Bass currently holds the Buffalo Bills record for most points scored in a season as well.  In 2020, his rookie year, he put up 141 points, one more than Steve Christie did in 1998.  In fact, Bass holds three of the top seven scoring seasons and he’s only played three years total.

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