Breaking down the all-time Buffalo Bills WRs as voted by Bills Mafia

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I started this project three months ago, putting together a Buffalo Bills All-Time team. There are lots of player rankings and best player this, best player that but I took a different angle. I wanted an All-Time team that was voted on by the Bills Mafia. So, here we are.

I created polls for each position that went up on both Facebook and Twitter, hoping to get the most diverse group of Bills fans possible, then, I combined the numbers from the two polls and came up with the winners.

When we look at the history of the Buffalo Bills wide receivers, you'll find this might be the deepest group. With players like Elbert Dubenion, who played for the Bills from 1960 to 1968, and Lee Evans from 2004 to 2010, among others, there are several very good players to choose from.

Dubenion's career 18.0 yards per reception ranks second in team history among all receivers with at least 150 receptions and Evans' 5,934 yards puts him third all-time among the Buffalo Bills, with Dubenion taking the fourth spot in this category.

The Buffalo Bills have produced 16 different receivers Pro Bowl players but surprisingly only one First-Team All-Pro. Among the 16 Pro Bowlers, there were a total of 33 appearances, with two of them tying for the most appearances with six each, one of which was Steve Tasker, voted in based on his phenomenal special teams prowess. The other, we'll talk about here shortly as we get into the three receivers that made this list, along with one honorable mention. So, let's get to it.