Breaking down the all-time Buffalo Bills fan favorites as voted by Bills Mafia

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We've finally reached the end of the Bills Mafia voted all-time greatest players, but I wanted to throw one more in here. There are players throughout the Buffalo Bills' history that may not have been necessarily the best at their respective positions but for one reason or another captivated the hearts of Bills fans all over the world.

I wanted to include those players and give them their deserved recognition and some of the players that made this list, just happen to be some of the best at their positions, or maybe they brought something else to the team outside of the position group, such as on special teams.

Some of my personal favorites include Don Beebe, a wide receiver for the Bills from 1989 to 1994. I'll never forget him running down Leon Lett to prevent a would-be touchdown, despite the lopsided nature of that Super Bowl at that point, but there was no quit in Beebe. Beebe was known for his speed and used that speed to the tune of a career yards per reception average of 15.5 during his time with the Bills.

Kyle Williams is another player that is high on my personal list. Williams was one of the best to play defensive tackle for the Buffalo Bills, and he never wavered in his loyalty to the team and their fans. He played 13 seasons in the NFL and every one of them with the Bills. He could have left via free agency but chose to stick with Buffalo.

But which players did Bills Mafia vote as their fan favorite? Throughout history, there are a ton of terrific players fans could choose from but here are the top three all-time fan favorite players, according to Bills Mafia.