Breaking down the all-time Buffalo Bills defensive tackles as voted by Bills Mafia

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Our last installment of our all-time team voted by Bills Mafia was the defensive ends. Let's get into the guys that helped those edge defenders put up the numbers, the defensive tackles. The Bills have had many outstanding defensive tackles throughout the years, including guys like Sam Adams and big Ted Washington. History also brought us guys like Jeff Wright, a mainstay of the late 80s and early 90s Bills team.

The defensive tackle position typically doesn't come with a lot of flashy numbers, such as sacks, and often is a very unheralded position. Their role includes eating up the double teams in the middle of the line, so guys like Bruce Smith can rack up the accolades with sacks and tackles for a loss. They also help keep linebackers clean and free to move from sideline to sideline to make plays.

The aforementioned Wright completed his Bills career with 31.5 sacks in 98 games. He ranks 12th on the Bills' all-time sack list. Other defensive tackles ranking high on that list include Marcell Dareus but not many fans voted for him, but he recorded 35 career sacks with the Bills. He ranked ninth on the sack list.

One other Bills' defensive tackle is in the top-10 sacks list, but we'll get to him later. Let's not forget though, sacks weren't an official stat until 1982, so some tackles played for the Bills in those early years that might be on our all-time voted team with excellent, yet unofficial sack numbers. Let's get into our all-time Buffalo Bills defensive tackles as voted by Bills Mafia.