Breaking down the all-time Buffalo Bills defensive ends/edge as voted by Bills Mafia

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Phil Hansen: 1991 – 2001 (Honorable Mention)

Phil Hansen was another defensive end that the Buffalo Bills drafted high, selecting him in the second round of the 1991 NFL Draft, 54th overall.  Some will say his numbers were due to playing opposite Bruce Smith and while that may be true, you have to give him props for taking advantage of the opportunity and putting up outstanding career numbers.

Hansen’s 61.5 sacks rank third on the Bills’ all-time sack list and also added an impressive 634 combined career tackles.  Surprisingly, Hansen was never voted to the Pro Bowl or any All-Pro teams, which is probably due to a notion his numbers were due solely because of what I mentioned previously, playing opposite Bruce Smith.

Of Hansen’s 11 seasons with the Bills, nine of those were alongside Smith.  So, while I understand this, I still believe Hansen belongs right there with some of the best to have played the position for the Bills.

Interesting that the three guys that took the top three spots in the polls just happen to be the top three all-time sack leaders in Bills’ history.  I don’t know how long his 61.5 sacks will remain third best but for now, he’s one of the best to suit up in the red, white, and blue of the Buffalo Bills.

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