After two trades on Day 1 of NFL Draft, Bills are receiving calls for 33rd pick

It looks like plenty of teams are interested to start the draft tonight with the first pick.
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After months of speculation that the Buffalo Bills would select a wide receiver in the first round of the NFL Draft, Brandon Beane went a completely different route. The Bills had the 28th pick and it would eventually be traded to the Kansas City Chiefs (who would select wide receiver Xavier Worthy). It wasn’t a bad idea for the Bills to trade down, but of all teams, it was the Chiefs who have owned the Bills in the postseason the last few seasons. Buffalo would then go back to the 32nd pick while moving up in the later rounds of the draft.

Then in a somewhat of a shocker, the Bills traded out one spot of the first round with the Carolina Panthers who would select wideout Xavier Leggette. In this trade down, the Bills acquired the first pick of the second round from the Panthers along with a 5th round pick (#141). 

The Bills are now set to start the second round tonight at 7PM EST. However, Ian Rapoport from NFL Network is reporting that the Bills are receiving plenty of phone calls for the 33rd pick.

It was clear that the Bills did not like a prospect enough to select them in the first round. Now the Bills have the chance to select a player to kick off the draft tonight and there were plenty of players who fell out of the first round that have an argument to being a first round selection. With Rapoport reporting that the Bills are receiving calls, it looks like other teams notice that as well.

Assuming that the Bills stay at the 33rd pick, they will have a chance to get a player like DB Cooper DeJean out of Iowa, DT Jer’Zhan “Johnny” Newton from Illinois, or even Texas WR Adonai Mitchell. One scenario that is a longshot but is not out of the realm of possibility is a potential trade for a wide receiver like Deebo Samuel or Brandon Aiyuk.

With the San Francisco 49ers drafting Florida wideout Ricky Pearsell in the first round, fans should keep an eye out for the 49ers to potentially deal Samuel or Aiyuk and the Bills are in a prime spot to make it happen with having the first pick of round two.