AFC East quarterbacks ranked from worst to best in 2023

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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3) Tua Tagovailoa

The gap between third and fourth is much wider than it is between third and first. It would not be entirely surprising if any of the next three quarterbacks finished the year as the best in the AFC East, and more than likely the one that plays the best will probably also be division champion.

For now, Miami Dolphins' quarterback Tua Tagovailoa enters the list at number three. The biggest concern with Tagovailoa is durability as he has missed at least one game every season in the NFL since the Dolphins drafted him fifth overall in the 202 NFL Draft.

Last season was the most promising of Tagovailoa's career as he finished with 3,548 passing yards, 25 touchdowns, and eight interceptions. Through the first three weeks of the season, there may not have been a better quarterback in the entire league with 925 passing yards, 8 passing touchdowns, and only two interceptions.

If Tagovailoa can play at that level over an entire season, then he more than likely will move up to number one but unfortunately, the injuries make it too tough to rank him higher than the next two quarterbacks.