AFC East quarterbacks ranked from worst to first in 2024

The AFC East is going to be a battle in 2024 with so many unknowns.
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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3.) Aaron Rodgers

Putting Aaron Rodgers as the third best quarterback should not be the case. He has had a successful career with the Green Bay Packers and was brought to the New York Jets to elevate a team that has a defense that is ready to win now, along with young and reliable weapons on the offense. However, after all of the hype last offseason going into their first game of the season against the Bills on Monday night, the Rodgers' excitement would come down fast and hard when he tore his Achilles on the fourth play of the Jets’ season. 

The Jets will do their second take at having Rodgers leading the Jets’ offense in 2024 but the problem is, we don’t have anything previous to base it off. His last year in Green Bay is the last accurate stat sheet we can look to see what he brings to the Jets but he is a year older and coming off a major injury on his lower body. Rodgers is still a very talented quarterback, but he will now need to show up big time for the Jets who are all in for the 2024 season.