7 Buffalo Bills who stood out in Week 18 against the Miami Dolphins

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Rich Storry/GettyImages
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Taylor Rapp

The Buffalo Bills had Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer as their starting safeties this week but it didn't stop Taylor Rapp from making an impact in this game. He would end up playing 13 snaps on Sunday against the Dolphins, which was roughly 25% of the defensive snaps.

The coaching staff mostly used Rapp as a third safety to give the Dolphins different looks and on the final drive of the game it paid off. On their second to last play, Rapp was able to jump over Tyreek Hill to knock the pass away.

The very next play, Rapp read it perfectly and ran a better route than Chase Claypool to come away with an interception and seal the win for the Bills.

This season, the Buffalo Bills have seen Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde miss time and Rapp has been able to step in to ensure the defense didn't miss a step. He has been a great signing and one that hopefully can be brought back next season.