6 final thoughts on the Buffalo Bills week 8 win over the Bucs

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Are we seeing the return of some version of the K-Gun

First of all, for those that aren't aware, the K-Gun was not named after superstar quarterback Jim Kelly. It was named after Bills tight end Keith McKellar. But we have a new tight end with the letter K initial but let's change it up a bit and call it the DK-Gun. Ok, that was lame and I apologize. Anyways, seeing the Bills come out in a no-huddle attack was just what we were hoping for heading into this game.

The worry is, will the Bills continue to utilize this attack going forward or was this simply a matchup based gameplan specific to the opponent? I hope not but we won't know until we see the Buffalo Bills in Week Nine against the Cincinnati Bengals. For the record, the Bengals have a solid pass rush and I think tiring them out with no-huddle can be just as effective. Just need the Bills offense to be a little better about finishing drives. More on that later.