6 final thoughts on the Buffalo Bills week 8 win over the Bucs

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Josh Allen found his legs again

Josh Allen had seven total carries for 41 yards and added a rushing touchdown as well. He averaged just under six yards per carry but it was the timeliness of the runs that were important. We've been saying for the last couple of weeks now that he's completely stopped running. There were several times he could have picked up first downs with his legs but instead, elected to throw the ball, resulting in incompletions and a punt.

Last night, he chose to run for the easy first downs or to set up short downs and distances, rather than making an unnecessary throw. He added to his career rushing touchdowns too and is now tied with Steve Young for second all-time. Allen, currently with 43 rushing touchdowns is 32 touchdowns from the record, held by Cam Newton. At only 27 years old, Allen has a good shot at the record, as long as health remains.