6 Buffalo Bills who struggled in second preseason game against Steelers

Buffalo Bills v Pittsburgh Steelers
Buffalo Bills v Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages
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Matt Barkley

The one player who probably had the most to lose this week also had the worst game of any player on the Buffalo Bills. That was Matt Barkley, who after an excellent first preseason game, could have solidified himself as the backup to Josh Allen and surpass Kyle Allen on the depth chart.

Barkley would go 7 of 12 for 93 yards with three interceptions and one fumble with all four turnovers happening on four consecutive drives between the second quarter and third quarter (outside of a kickoff at the end of the first half).

Entering training camp, Matt Barkley was most likely going to be on the practice squad as the team's third quarterback. He could be a resource for Josh Allen in the quarterback room but those expectations seemed to change against the Colts. However, after this game the Bills shouldn't have much confidence in Barkley as the backup and being able to run this offense if the need were to arise during the season.