6 Buffalo Bills who deserve more credit in 48-20 win over Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages
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Latavius Murray

The Buffalo Bills running backs didn't have big totals running the ball as Latavius Murray would lead the way with only 32 rushing yards with a majority of those yards coming on one run when he went for 29 yards. That long run came on their second drive on a 2nd and 1 play that would put the Bills into the red zone and set them up for their second touchdown.

He would also catch two passes for 24 yards and once again make a big play with one of those receptions going for 22 yards.

Aside from running the ball, Latavius Murray also is a key part in pass protection and has done a great job with blitz pickup. He is a veteran running back who has settled into a situational role for this offense and produces in his limited opportunities.

Whether it is running the ball a handful of times, catching a pass out of the backfield or protecting Josh Allen by picking up the blitz, the veteran continues to do the little things that has helped the offense be successful.