5 worst quarterbacks on the Buffalo Bills schedule in 2024

The Buffalo Bills' defense should have no problem handling these five quarterbacks in 2024.
Buffalo Bills v Jacksonville Jaguars
Buffalo Bills v Jacksonville Jaguars / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages
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3.) Trevor Lawrence

The once promising best prospect in Trevor Lawrence has been up and down in three years with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He gets a pass from his rookie season from when Urban Meyer was his head coach.

Since Doug Pederson took over the coaching staff, we have seen the high potential Lawrence brings to the field. He was a Pro Bowl quarterback in 2022 and even earned MVP votes. However, last season near the end the Jaguars dropped off badly to the point where the Houston Texans took the AFC South from them.

Lawrence went down in yards and touchdowns from 2022 to 2023, but went back up in interceptions from 8 to 14. Lawrence lost Calvin Ridley in free agency, taking away a 1,000+ receiver from him. While the Jaguars drafted Brian Thomas Jr. in the first round of the draft, he will only be as good as Lawrence produces which is inconsistent.

The Bills always struggle against the Jaguars for some reason, but Lawrence has an enormous amount of pressure on him as he is in the near distance of looking to get paid as a future franchise quarterback. Buffalo has a chance to be a bump in his road to getting an extension with Jacksonville.