5 worst offenses the Buffalo Bills will face in 2024

If you ranked the quarterbacks the Bills will face in 2024, it would be an impressive list from top to bottom. This makes ranking the five worst offensives they face a difficult task. But let's do this.
Buffalo Bills
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4. Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans were busy in free agency, adding multiple weapons to their offense, and signing wide receivers Tyler Boyd and Calvin Ridley, to go with receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins showed last season that he can still play, recording 75 receptions, over 1,000 yards, and seven touchdowns. They also signed running back Tony Pollard to a free agent deal. The talent of the skill position players is undeniable, yet the Titans face two significant issues that could impede their progress in 2024.

As with most of these teams, the Titans' offensive line is a concern. Pro Football Network's offensive line ranking has them at 29. They've taken steps to rebuild the line, selecting an offensive lineman in the first round of the NFL Draft in back-to-back years. The other concern is the quarterback position. Will Levis played well at times last season but had his fair share of struggles as a rookie. He's got a talented cast of characters around him, but the potential lack of protection, and still learning this game could slow the Titans' progress on offense in 2024.