5 ways the Buffalo Bills can get their offense back to elite status

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Utilize Khalil Shakir in the passing game

I mentioned this multiple times in previous articles, as well as my podcast. I know Khalil Shakir better than most, having watched every one of his collegiate games at Boise State. I live in the Boise area and followed his career since he came to Boise. The kid can play and needs to be given the opportunity to be the every-down slot receiver. The Bills' desire to rotate certain positions is beyond frustrating.

His snap share has increased each week since the start of the season, which is due to him becoming an elite blocker. This was a big question for him a season ago and why he was never able to get on the field with any consistency. Well, he's turned that part of his game from a liability to a strength, now reward him with more targets.

Against the Patriots, he was targeted four times, and he turned all four into receptions. The more he is on the field, the better he will become, and more importantly, the more Allen will trust him in the offense and build that all-important chemistry.

The Bills need to get back to 11-personnel

When the Buffalo Bills selected Dalton Kincaid in the first round, I knew the team wanted to incorporate more 12-personnel (two tight end sets) but while it seemed to work pretty well initially, it seems defenses have caught up to what the Bills were doing. Part of that might be due to the inconsistencies of Dawson Knox.

At this point, I think I've seen enough of Knox and much prefer Dalton Kincaid in the 11-personnel sets. This formation gets Diggs, Davis, and Shakir on the field together, with Kincaid. Then you have James Cook in the backfield, and I think the Bills can be explosive when coupled with a no-huddle attack and run the passing game through Diggs and Kincaid. This opens up everything for the rest of the offense as great complimentary pieces.

I don't think they should eliminate the 12-personnel altogether, as it gives defenses something to have to prepare for each week, even if it's not used as often. just make the three-wide sets the base formation the Bills work out of. Maybe these ideas don't work but from what I've seen so far this season, I think it would get things rolling and make this Bills offense elite once again.

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