5 ways the Buffalo Bills can get their offense back to elite status

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The Bills need to utilize Josh Allen's legs once again

I'm not sure why the Bills have completely removed Josh Allen's rushing ability from their arsenal. There is no question that Allen running can be a game-changing option but inexplicably, the offense has gotten away from this. Since coming into the league in 2018, Allen has become one of the most feared rushing quarterbacks in the NFL, but defenses are quickly figuring out he's not going to run.

I'm not referring to just scrambling or designed runs because he's doing neither now. There have been multiple opportunities for him to run on pass plays that would have resulted in first downs and kept drives alive but he's not doing that anymore. I can't remember the last the Bills called for a Josh Allen run that wasn't a quarterback sneak. Allen's running on both scrambles and designed runs must be implemented back into the offense, just one more thing for defenses to prepare for. Plus, defenses will need to dedicate a spy on him, which takes a player out of coverage and out of the pass rush.