5 ways the Buffalo Bills can get their offense back to elite status

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Open the offense and incorporate a no-huddle attack

Look, I'm not saying to run a no-huddle attack all game long. I understand the risk you take with your defense when doing this but if the team comes out in the opening drive and immediately puts pressure on the opposing defense, it should get the defense quickly on their heels and you set the tone.

We've seen Josh Allen be absolutely lights out when in the two-minute drill. He is one of the best quarterbacks in the league when in these situations and the Bills have scored more often than not. Last season, the Bills were one of the top-scoring teams in the final minutes of the first half too, which is a testament to Allen's comfort and ability in this style of offense.

I'm also not saying this is how they should operate on offense throughout the entire game but at moments, come out and start firing. We saw how the offense was able to put pressure on the Miami Dolphins offense to keep up and they started making mistakes that the defense took advantage of. I think if the Bills come out firing in a no-huddle, that would have the same effect.