5 trades to make the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl favorites in 2023

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Cooper Kupp

The Los Angeles Rams are in a weird situation where they can't afford to rebuild because they have traded a majority of their high draft picks for the foreseeable future. They also have lost veterans like Jalen Ramsey and Bobby Wagner.

The Rams are an older team and their Super Bowl window is probably closing, if not already closed. If the Rams decide in the season that this isn't going to be their year, they have two players that would generate alot of interest and the Buffalo Bills should be interested in both.

The first is wide receiver Cooper Kupp, who was only able to play nine games after dealing with injuries last season. However, the year prior to that he led the league in receptions (145), receiving yards (1,947), and receiving touchdowns (16).

At only 30 years old, he still has a few good years ahead of him and he would be a perfect fit in this offense. Kupp is primarily a slot receiver and has some of the best hands in the league. It would drastically improve the wide receiver position and give the Bills the best group of pass catchers in the league.