5 trades to make the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl favorites in 2023

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Josh Jacobs

The Las Vegas Raiders and Josh Jacobs have an important deadline in less than a week. The Raiders used the franchise tag on Jacobs this offseason and the two sides have until July 17th to reach a long-term deal.

If that doesn't happen, they can't discuss a long-term deal until after the 2023 season when Jacobs is set to be a free agent again. The Las Vegas Raiders are hoping this season will be better than last year but in a tough AFC West, they probably don't have the talent to compete with their division rivals.

If the Raiders realize this a few weeks into the season, they could look to trade Josh Jacobs to try and receive some draft compensation instead of Jacobs leaving in free agency with nothing in return. The Buffalo Bills may not need a running back if the combination of James Cook and Damien Harris are effective but adding Josh Jacobs would definitely improve the offense this season.