5 trades to make the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl favorites in 2023

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Devin White

The Buffalo Bills have a major question at linebacker and who will replace Tremaine Edmunds as the starter in the middle of the defense. They have certainly brought in plenty of options like Terrel Bernard, Tyrel Dodson, and Dorian Williams to name a few but it remains to be seen if any is able to take the job and run with it.

If the Bills go through training camp and preseason without one of these players emerging as the starter, they could look outside the organization in either free agency or in a trade. One of those trade options could be Devin White as the Bucs appear destined to be heading toward a rebuild as well.

White is entering the final year of his rookie contract and could be looking for a long-term deal that Tampa Bay isn't in a position to offer. White has had over 100 total tackles each of the past three seasons playing alongside Lavonte David and also has playoff experience, including playing in the Super Bowl LV.

Devin White certainly has his concerns, especially with double digit missed tackles each of his four seasons in the league, but he would give the Buffalo Bills a veteran linebacker in the middle of this defense that has playoff experience.